The Beer Wars Come to Wisconsin 1

I saw a post by O’So Brewing on Facebook yesterday about some proposed changes to the beer distribution laws in Wisconsin.  But, I didn’t really have time to digest it.  But the always excellent Madison Beer Review has posted a very nice summary of what is going on.

Basically MillerCoors and the state beer distributors are proposing changes that would eliminate the need for small breweries to have wholesale licenses.  They claim this is being done in a preemptive effort to stop Anheuser-Busch InBev from buying up distributors in the state.  But, it may have some detrimental effects on the craft beer industry in Wisconsin as well. Whether or not these effects are deliberate or not remains to be determined.

Regardless, if you’re a craft beer drinker in the Midwest, I encourage you to read the post over at Madison Beer Review.

  • marcmorehouse

    What a bunch of bullshit.