The eternal question: What’s the best beer for fishing in northern Sconnie? 4

This is a question I threw out to Twitter earlier today dressed as Clark Kent.

The response was outstanding. Here’s a sampling:

@kvnrbnsn Free out of your buddy’s cooler. — The right answer right out of the gate.

@DLinden890 Keystone premium. None of this Keystone light stuff, Keystone premium is sold in Wisconsin, comes in a RED can. — Man’s inhumanity against man knows no bounds . . . in a red can.

@MajesticScott There is no wrong answer here… — I can grok this.

And then 27 votes for New Glarus’ Spotted Cow.

@megananne3 Everyone loves Spotted Cow. Can only buy it in WI. They tell me it’s reeeeally good. :) — Megan is good Hawkeye people.

@LimestoneKush Gotta bring some Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy if you’re heading to God’s Country #ChippewaFalls — Summer Shandy is a line of demarcation for some, as you’ll soon see. We go through the Chip. Stop every year. I have to sit a few minutes in the big Lienie adirondack chair.

@Gohawks19 Greys honey ale or spotted cow!! Walleye are hitting on leech lake!! I love fishing — What in the world is Grey’s honey? I haven’t heard of that one. I thought I knew all the northern beers. Back to my research.

@BFRIZ09pta HAMMS — Finally, someone who gets me.

Another 17 or so Spotted Cow votes.

@chunter11 Anyone who says Summer Shanty will be shot on sight. RT @marcmorehouse: What’s the perfect beer for a fishing trip in northern Wisconsin? — And there’s the Summer Shandy hate. I get it, but I won’t have blood on my hands. My boat won’t fill with the blood of the infidels (Hello FBI!). It can’t. Not my boat.

@ErikTheBrandt Can’t u get 30 beers for $10 up there? Whatever beer that is. — It’s as though Erik is looking into my soul. A 30 pack of Hamm’s costs $10.79 at Woodman’s in  Madison. Done and done.

@truckerdave7 Cold. — Trucker Dave with the GWG (game-winning goal).

@wiscoDude I’m thinking Wittekerke (in cans) or Leinie’s original, but Summer Shandy is delicious on hot days. — Another new one. I’m going to listen to WiscoDude. Sconnies know their beer.

@jen0423 BLATZ, its a local Wisconsin favorite…just kidding. — Don’t blast the Blatz. Drank it warm on the way back from Iowa-Sconnie in ’07. Shivers down my spine, but it was beer.

@HawkeyesMic Capital Supper Club oozes old Wisconsim. Might be all around perfect for the trip. Syncronicity… — I find Supper Club intriguing. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried this, but need to go at it again.

Spotted Cow was the winner followed by Labatt’s with Old Style and the High Life tying for third.

Going on the Glengarry Glen Ross scale of victory Old Style and High Life are fired.

I’m taking a 30 pack of Hamm’s and a bottle of Cedar Ridge bourbon which is made less than 10 minutes from my house. I finally found a bottle.

Maybe I’ll work some fishing in, too.






  • Graham

    Don’t forget about the steak knives. Have a great trip.

    • marcmorehouse

      Thanks! Welcome aboard.

  • Ponderosa

    Hey all…if you’re going to be in northern wisky, grab some shorties of Rhinelander, coming soon to the stores. Minhas Brewery out of Monroe is resurrecting this fine lager. 7 oz bottles. Should be out early summer

    • marcmorehouse

      I still have a cardboard case from a Rhinelander buy I made nearly 25 years ago now in the Wisconsin Dells.

      I gotta have a Rhinelander for old time’s sake.