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We’re always trying different stuff on this site. Why? Well, because it’s new and we want to try different things. Plus, we figure if we wreck a bunch of stuff, we aren’t at the Google status yet, so it’s won’t affect many people.

So we are trying to create more interaction with the site. The best way I could think to that would be to allow our fellow brew fans to create usernames on the site, so you can log in and comment on stories. Now all you will have to do it log in and BOOM, comment away.

You can REGISTER and LOG IN right over there —> on the sidebar. If you are too lazy to do that, you can REGISTER here: REGISTER!!

This is still a new deal, so the notification e-mails with your new passwords might take a little bit, so be patient.

Thanks for visiting our site.


  • MetsFanVI

    You forgot to mention the part where everyone who registers needs to send me a beer as “tribute”.