Graham 2

Hi, I’m Graham.


I’ve always liked trying different beers that weren’t from the macro-breweries. That’s mostly due to the fact that the first real amount of beer drinking I did came in England and Europe on a month-long music tour when I was a freshman in college. Drinking English Cider for lunch in an English Pub with friends is still one of the top memories of my life.

More recently, the favor towards craft beer came through frequent visits to the Cedar Brewing Company when I lived in Cedar Rapids. Then when I moved to Iowa City, I lived in an apartment above the local brewery on Gilbert St for a few years. Lots of exposure to the brewing process, which was pretty cool. They did some pretty good stuff there, and I drank a lot of it.

So now, I live in a house and I have a beer cellar.  Ok, it’s not a cellar, but it’s a built-in cabinet in the basement and it’s as close as I’m going to get, so it counts, dammit!  In it, you’ll find IPA’s, Belgians, Hefeweizens, a little bit of a lot of things.

I’ve enjoyed meeting and spending time with my fellow Brew Maniacs, and I’m very excited to become a part of the crew.

You can follow me on Twitter at michaelgraham.


  • TraetowPDX

    Graham-so you’re a brewmaniac huh?! I’m a frequent follower of NW/Portland Beer Blogs and I ran across this site. Come to find out, Chris said you were beer blogging and this was your site! Rad…

    Anyway, the 2011 Beer Blogger conference just happened in PDX last weekend. Wish you were here. Chris says you have a hankerin’ for a trip out here. Please come, I have the ultimate beer tour for you. Albeit, it’ll take 4 days to complete, but who’s counting?

    hope all is well in Iowa City, glad you and the Traetow’s still enjoy beers on a frequent basis. Oh, the joys of beer…

    be well my friend.

  • Shada